Mixtape Review: Pill – 4075: The Refill

In Mixtape Reviews, Mixtapes, Music on November 17, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Okay I will be doing reviews for mixtapes and albums .. But only when something big drops! And today I felt like Pills new mixtape titled “4075: The Refill” is one of the biggest mixtapes to drop this year .. After all the buzz building towards this mixtape after his last success titled “4180: The Prescription”, I knew I had to review this one .. If you haven’t got your hand’s on it yet .. You can get it here .. Review after the jump.

01.Intro (N/A)
02.Hear Somebody Comin’ (7/10)
03.Pistol Packer (9/10)
04.Trap Goin’ Ham (7/10)
05.Ok Denn (8/10)
06.Pain In They Eyes (10/10)
07.Glass (8/10)
08.Run Up To Me ft. Freddie Gibbs (10/10)
09.Pill Speaks (N/A)
10.Gymnastics (8/10)
11.Dropped a Mick On Me (8/10)
12.Afro-Sheen (10/10)
13.Fossils (Tribute to B.I.G.) (8/10)
14.Wreckage (Tribute to ‘Pac) (8/10)
15.Music (10/10)
16.Lil’ Shawty Dem (I Know Holmes) (N/A)
17.Super Cool (6/10)
18.You’re Nasty (5/10)
19.All I Can Say (7/10)
20.Let Me In (9/10)
21.Coastin’ (7/10)
22.Lil’ Shawty Dem pt. II (I Know Holmes) (N/A)
23.Trap Jumpin (9/10)
24.We Outside ft. Alley Boy (6/10)
25.Born With A Plug ft. Zay Cash (8/10)
26.We Don’t Even Know (8/10)
27.Outro (N/A)

Total: 176/220 (80%)

Final Grade: B


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