Mixtape Review: Sandman – Heart Of The City

In Mixtape Reviews on November 20, 2009 at 6:06 pm

This is a cool mixtape .. just the bad songs are REALLY wack .. But one thing is the good songs are VERY good .. Overall decent mixtape .. If you still haven’t heard it you can get it HERE .. Review after the jump!

01.Just a emcee (6/10)
02.Certainly a big deal (9/10)
03.High volume (9/10)
04.Lil’ ghetto boy (8/10)
05.Big face benny (8/10)
06.Been through so much ft. Donny Boy & Slash (7/10)
07.Watch this ft. Housewife (4/10)
08.East coast me (5/10)
09.Make em all day (2/10)
10.Crazy (9/10)
11.W.A.R. ft. Kawshen & Big Lou (7/10)
12.Bout my bread ft. Spazz Canon & Reed Dollaz (9/10)
13.Chase dis paper ft. Glasses Malone & Mistah Fab (6/10)
14.Crossroad (9/10)
15.This life (7/10)
16.Imaginary players (freestyle) (7/10)
17.Who’s world is this (2k9 freestyle) (7/10)
18.Blood I taste ft. Spazz Cannon & Housewife (4/10)
19.Sounds ft. Sock & James Cagnie (7/10)
20.Good times (6/10)

136/200 (68%)

Overall Grade: D+


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