Mixtape Review: Wiz Khalifa – B.A.R.

In Mixtape Reviews on November 20, 2009 at 6:10 am

Wiz is one of my favorite artist’s right now .. But this mixtape was VERY disappointing .. His last mixtape “Flight School” was one of my favorite mixtapes of the year though .. I really hope his new album “Deal or No Deal” which will hit stores on November 24th is better than this new mixtape! .. Review after the jump!

01.B.A.R. (9/10)
02.Gettin Up (6/10)
03.Take Yo Bitch (6/10)
04.The Thrill (10/10)
05.One Way (6/10)
06.Miles (8/10)
07.If I Were a Lame (1/10)
08.Meet New People (5/10)
09.Weekend (7/10)
10.Young Khalifa (6/10)
11.Knock U Down (8/10)
12.On Tha Pill (5/10)
13.When U Find (8/10)
14.Mafia Music (Remix) (8/10)
15.Say U Will (9/10)
16.Timeless (7/10)
17.Won’t Land (9/10)
18.Ode to Naked Pop Stars (7/10)
19.All My Life Freestyle (7/10)
20.Great to Be There (Outro) (6/10)

138/200 (69%)

Overall Grade: D+


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