Mr. Porter speaks on Relapse 2

In Interviews, News on November 22, 2009 at 1:17 pm

Mr. Porter was interviewed last night and he spoke on Eminem’s upcoming Relapse 2 album! He confirmed that the album is finished and will release in early 2010, He also went onto say Royce Da 5’9 will be on the album and the album is like sequel to the Marshall Mathers LP! Highlights of the interview after the jump!

Download (50 Minute Interview)

Link via YHTN

Interview Highlights

– He’s working on Relapse 2
– Finishing a song for his album
– Did 3 songs together, and kept 1 out of the 3, maybe 2
– Taking a break for a couple of days because of the Awards
– Also working with Ludacris
– Relapse 2 coming early 2010, Album is pretty much finished
– They changed directions for the album a couple of times
– Rumor about Interscope changing the direction is not true
– Interscope doesn’t do anything with EM’s music, he controles everything
– Really pleased by Relapse, every song is incredible, no fillers
– This album is Eminem thinking in the right mindstate
– Original direction was going to be all Dre production
– Now it’s Denaun, Just Blaze, Dre, Eminem, Alchemist production and more
– The songs remind him of the feeling of a Marshall Mathers LP
– If you’re an Eminem fan you will love this album
– The Denaun and Eminem track is like bullets flying past ur head… its so many punchlines and the Eminem people have missed over the years.
– Content on the album is variety, serious content, some content that people never heard from him, very well balanced album. Probably most balanced album since the MMLP.
– A lot of punchlines, clear minded Eminem.
– Not a lot of Quaky music, no songs like The Real Slim Shady.
– Royce Da 5’9 is on the album


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