In Sports on December 3, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Last week, I had another good week! I went 14-4 .. This week we have some of the seasons biggest games .. Everything is on the line this weekend .. So get ready .. Times and picks after the jump!

(13) Oregon St. vs. (7) Oregon – 9:00PM (December 3rd) CapComs Pick: Oregon

Everything is on the line in this one! This is for the Pac-10 Championship! I got Oregon!

(18) Houston vs. East Carolina – 12:00PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: East Carolina

East Carolina is my team! They got the upset!

(24) West Virginia vs. Rutgers – 12:00PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: West Virginia

(5) Cincinnati vs. (14) Pittsburgh – 12:00PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: Cincinnati

This is Cincinnati’s biggest game this year .. Brian Kelly and his squad need this one to be considered for a BCS Bowl game!

New Mexico St. vs. (6) Boise St. – 3:00PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: Boise St.

Arizona vs. (20) USC – 3:30PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: Arizona

(1) Florida vs. (2) Alabama – 4:00PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: Alabama

This is the biggest game of the regular season .. This is like the National Championship, before the National Championship haha .. Whoever wins this game will go on to the BCS title game to most likely play Texas .. Unless Texas somehow fucks up in the Big 12 Championship against the Cornhuskers

(19) California vs. Washington – 6:30PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: California

(12) Georgia Tech vs. (25) Clemson – 8:00PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: Clemson

Clemson needs to take out Georgia Tech for my Hookies to have a chance at any BCS game!

(3) Texas vs. (21) Nebraska – 8:00PM (December 5th) CapComs Pick: Texas

Texas in a blowout win over the cornhuskers .. That’s just my guess


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